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New Forge supports HiveMQ in their Series A

We are very excited to announce that New Forge is part of the €40 million Series A funding round at HiveMQ. HiveMQ is a provider of the MQTT messaging platform for enterprises, enabling the connection of IoT devices to the cloud. Christian Gotz, Dominik Obermaier and Christoph Shabel founded the company in 2012

HiveMQ is one of the pioneers of MQTT, an IoT standard for IoT messaging and connectivity. Based in Landshut, Germany, with its roots in the automotive industry, the company has grown rapidly internationally and across industries. Today, more than 50% of its revenue comes from U.S.-based companies.

The new investment will be used to further accelerate the development, growth and adoption of the company's MQTT messaging platform, which is used by Fortune 500 companies to collect IoT data between IoT devices and enterprise IT services.By 2025, there will be an estimated 40 billion IoT devices connected to the Internet that can send and receive data. Connected cars generate an estimated 2TB of data per day and connected factories up to 5 petabytes (PB) of data per week, yet current enterprise messaging platforms cannot handle the volume of data or connections generated by IoT devices. HiveMQ provides the IoT messaging platform needed to scale data exchange between IoT devices and enterprise IT services.

We are excited to be part of the HiveMQ journey! For more information on Hive MQ and the funding round, click here: HiveMQ Series A Funding Announcement


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